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in general, Chinese on exports are 17% VAT, so complete export tax rebates, is to export goods in the domestic value-added tax levy (17%) completely return to the enterprise. In 1985, China began to implement the export tax rebate policy, take full levy full refund; 1994 tax reform is full sign full refund principle, and later because of financial pressure causes gradually reduced the export tax rebate, in recent years, in order to reduce the trade surplus and optimize the export structure of the export tax rebate rate to drop. Adjustment. undeniable, the export tax rebate is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, if the cancellation of export tax rebate, it means that many small enterprises will be closed down, a large number of workers will lose their jobs; on the other hand, if the export tax rebate policy, RMB appreciation pressure is not reduced, the trade surplus will expand high speed, political pressure, foreign trade friction will continue to upgrade. catastrophic bankruptcy; for the labor-intensive industries such as shoemaking, the export tax rebate reduction is "disastrous". At present, most of the shoe-making enterprises still rely solely on price to participate in international compe cheap foamposites tition. Therefore, the reduction of the export tax rebate has brought a huge impact on the shoe-making enterprises. As the export products are double taxed at home and abroad, it weakens the international competitiveness of Chinese products, and enterprises have to give up large orders. Some weaker firms have also closed down one after another. unfair competition; in addition, regular large enterprises have to face unfair competition from illegal enterprises. export enterprises actually have two modes of operation. One is according to the provisions of the country export, after receiving foreign exchange, to safe write off, import and export company received the factory value-added tax invoices, pay to the factory. The second is that the import and export company takes the customs declaration to go to the customs declaration, does not need the factory to open the value-added tax invoice, after has collected the foreign exchange, deducts the agency fee, transfers the money directly to the factory." Although the second methods are illegal, they are popular in the two or three tier cities because of the protection of local governments. therefore, some shoes enterprises think, if the tax rebate dropp buy cheap jordans online ed too much, many enterprises do not choose the normal way of export tax rebate, but the principal-agent company, also don't open value-added tax invoice. That is to say, the country is short of these money, and regular enterprises will be at a disadvantage in the competition. in the view of many scholars, the export tax rebate itself should remain neutral principle of its own, should not)Constructed by Flyknit basketball shoes with uppers give a new presentation, not only lighter and more beautiful, it seems to appear to have girls more love. After reading numerous versions of the Nike Kobe 9 Elite, Nike also did not forget to create GS version for girls shoes, this pair of Purple Venom Nike Kobe 9 Elite uses the main colors of purple, quite eye-catching color collocation. release date: March 8th item: 636602-500 release date: March 8th 1-14022R05326.jpg (56.35 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-2-28 21:56 upload 1-14022R05331.jpg (155.86 KB, download number: 2) download 2014-2-28 21:56 and Nike , upload, eye-catching, color 00Ewing Athletics is going to launch another new Ewing 33 Hi. Similar to previously commercially available color, the selection of black suede shoes making, white collocation details Retro jordans for sale with rubber sole. This section will be on sale this month, so please enjoy your attention. BbsImg140977479431947_640_475.jpg (28.35 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Ewing 33 Hi black and white students adhesiveUpload 08:33 2014-9-4 28151387692936_640_426.jpg (71.38 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2013-12-23 upload at 16:11 item: 705178-045 release date: February 14thPrice: air-jordan-10-retro-lady-liberty-2.jpg (56.47 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Air Jordan 10, Lady, Liberty, statue of liberty, released look forward to 2015-〉 Although the Nike KD 7 was officially released just a few months, but Nike Basketball is already Durant opened the design of the eighth generation of boots. Today, the network also announced in advance of Nike Basketball KD 8 release plan, is expected in June this year officially landed on the shelves, and with a new color version of the monthly full debut, more details please continue to lock the NikeFans fashion information tracking reports. nike-kd-8-viii-colorways.jpg (115.98 KB, download times: 24) download attachment Nike KD 8 release plan 2015-2-3 upload at 12:40 item: 897636-901 nike-hyperdunk-2017-low-premium-gum air jordan 11 space jam for sale -pack.jpg (198.9 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike Hyperdunk 2017 Low Premium Gum series of rubberUpload 08:22 2017-7-20 nike-hyperdunk-2017-low-premium-gum-pack-3.jpg (192.86 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike Hyperdunk 2017 Low Premium Gum series of rubberUpload 08:21 2017-7-20 nike-hyperdunk-2017-low-premium-gum-pack-4.jpg (269.11 KB, download times: 0) download attached 〉is recognized as the kingdom of bicycles, China's population is growing at a rapid growth. Yesterday, the Shanghai original national bicycle match heros announced the annual event planning, reporter learned that, current domestic cycling club has more than 1 million in the number of cycling 600 million is huge, boom is catching up with the marathon, becoming and a covering all types of people of the national fitness program. according to the 2004 statistics, China's number of the world's first in the number of bicycles, the number of the world's first to ride a bicycle. However, China's bicycle sports population of only 1 million people, only 2000 people registered. In France, with a population of only 65 million, nearly 50 million of those who participated in the sport, 500 thousand registered athletes. Aft Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale er a long development, recently, Shanghai Institute of physical education, the latest release of "China sports bicycle industry development report" shows that domestic bicycle exercise, especially mass cycling in recent years, showing a trend of rapid development: current domestic cycling club has over 10000, the store also has more than 10000, from 90 to people over the age of 40 are covered, participate in sport bike number 600 million giant, 2015 national large and small cycling events have more than 3000, annual increase reached 30% or so. In the United States, the number of people involved in bicycle sports in recent years, the same proportion of annual growth of 30%. In New York, the nation's largest five largest district cycling race has more than one, more than one in the Boston Marathon. why is bicycle sports so popular now? Olympic sports director of race operations Lu said: first of all, as the third world high aerobic exercise, running, bike, swim by themselves have a large audience; in addition, with the improvement of life, consumption level, more people to meet the cost of cycling equipment, running the minimum threshold, the first to accept masses, swimming due to space limitations, backward in running and cyc jordans on sale mens ling. Shanghai original HEROS series of Chinese bicycles, is the current domestic largest bicycle race. This year, on the basis of professional bicycle competitive sports, sports events to fully enhance the mass, lower participation threshold, in the event points, group settings, and so on, but also made a lot of innovation. Driving four cars, the car carrying the two wheels, 4+2 outdoor travel mode is no longer just a scene in a foreign film. Sports tourism as an important part of the sports industry, so that people participate in sports activities and feel the integration of nature. This year's Heros event planning from the point of view, the most popular "grand Maple" match, expand to Zhejiang Qiandao Lake, Wuyi Mountain, Hainan, and other tourist attractions. And outdoor sports has been a sports industry in the most economic driving effect, in the United States, for example, outdoor sports driving related industries to achieve the value of $73 billion, accounted for 5.54% of U. S. GDP, which shows that the domestic market has unlimited room for growth, as households Sinotrans 〉More concise, better: NIKE ROSHE FLYKNIT 2015-01-29 14:04:55 early in the design of Roshe Nike, Nike Sportswear design team to break the ro jordans on sale online utine, showing extraordinary design inspiration. The minimalist design style, which influences the whole world, is inspired by the slogan "less is more". From the sole to the vamp, every detail of the NikeRoshe exudes a fundamentalist atmosphere. In the spring of 2015, the design of Nike Roshe vamp will be further perfect. Nike uses the latest vamp innovative technology Nike Flyknit, after improvement, and unique Roshe soles perfect integration, accurate positioning of gravity, so that the whole shoe lighter. The new vamp has been carefully designed, providing support in necessary, greatly reducing the material loss in the production process. Compared with the traditional structure of Nike Roshe Flyknit shoes, and launched a series of previous shoes are from unwanted parts, with one type of bottom / outsole. However, it is not easy to put this integrated design into practice. First of all, it is necessary to find a material with high durability, abrasion resistance, soft texture, comfortable and slow vibration effect. It has been proved that Phylon midsole is a good choice for the lightweight foam commonly used for earthquake mitigation. Nike Roshe vamp design can be described as "less is more" concept to the jordan 3 katrina 2018 extreme. Through the use of the least material for vamp design, and finally presents a simple and practical overall effect. The series quickly leads to countless creative ideas, and can be customized through NIKEiD. 2015 at the beginning of February Nike Roshe Flyknit Nike Sportswear in the designated retail stores and is released. Roshe Flyknit women mixed color will be in mid February in the national Nike Sportswear designated retail stores and sale. adidas Originals to the dystopian future vision "Future challenge 2016-01-26 15:26:53The brand philosophy rooted in adidas Originals is 〉 LeBron 12 shoes recently exposed a new version of the denim, Denningb is a regular in recent years in the LeBron series, the application of LeBron in 12 Lifestyle on the fly line collocation pink and brown shoes. The recent several LeBron 12 Lifestyle each applied different subject matter, very eye-catching. December 21, 2012 "doomsday" you do what I don't know, but the store visvim F.I.L. store PENINSULA chose the number 21 held open Mu party, at the end of the first day, is No. 22, the official with the public to witness a new start. As the name suggests, the F.I.L. PEN cheap air jordans INSULA site is located at PENINSULA The Peninsula Hotel, Hongkong, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. The move follows the opening of the F.I.L. Star Inn at the Antique Hotel, followed by second F.I.L. shops located in the hotel. The whole store decoration style is still simple and low-key, but the furniture backing is not low, to furniture, and entered the floor, are from all over the world are carefully collecting antique treasures back; because the floor of each batten, are from the old house get back into strip, came to Hongkong shop in a stacking pattern now. Among them, the most special is the display cabinet at the entrance position, one hundred years history, two rows of hangers can be pulled out 360 degrees rotation. And recently, F.I.L. shop love to use nine square display column, also use copper to make, smell can not touch water, you go to tide Saint friends to be careful. The store opened 2012-12-24 01:14 upload and download attachments (200.67 KB) 2012-12-24 01:12 upload download attachment (223.19, KB) 2012-12-24 01:13 upload download attachment (162.98, KB) 2012-12-24 01:13 upload download attachment (220.14, KB) 2012-12-24 01:13 upload download attachment (240, KB) 2012-12-24 01:13 upload download attach jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ment (238.77, KB) 〉the world's leading sports brand puma and well-known designer brands Alexander McQueen (Alexander? McQueen) to work together once again to the classic PUMA King football shoes for the prototype, create two PUMA King by Alexander McQueen limited edition football boots , sports and fashion cross-border cooperation again towards a new milestone. PUMA cooperation with the Alexander McQueen PUMA football boots to categories of products most representative of classic shoes PUMA King tribute, called the PUMA brand make this the most impressive in the history of cross-border cooperation more growth. PUMA King by Alexander McQueen Alexander McQueen brand shoes draws most representative craftsmanship and attention to detail, the top luxury elements and historical heritage PUMA football combined impact of the new definition of sports fashion. PUMA reputation in the football field, in the history there have been too many well-known of the top players, and one of the most classic PUMA King shoes since its inception, has been the world's footballers have favored a plus - this "King boots" to accompany them gallop international football, the award-peak record. PUMA King is currently on the market "service" of the longest soccer shoes, after the decades of baptism, its performance is still outstanding and is praised by athletes. PUMA King by Alexander McQueen's two soccer shoes with high quality materials and hand-made shoes PUMA King retains the original version of the character, re-interpretation of the classic fashion, stunning. The world's top cross-border cooperation only 100 pairs of shoes, number heel highlights the extraordinary significance of these two limited edition shoes. In addition, each pair of shoes with the gift of a yearbook, fully demonstrated the rich historical heritage on the history of football's most prestigious PUMA shoes have. The first PUMA King by Alexander McQueen the world's limited 30 pairs, the shoe body with a unique skin, tanned leather processing technology and full gold handmade finishes, reminiscent of the recognition of the most number of goals during the World Cup players "Golden Boot" trophy. Another cross-border cooperation PUMA King is using a soft Italian leather refined, polished upper hand, with great texture of dark brown classic color, highlighting its noble texture. Only 70 pairs worldwide, double the number for each different and unique, again echoing the cohesion behind the product professionalism and superb technology, perfect highlight the glorious history of football. designer proportion of traditional football boots were fine-tuning the details are different from the past, people from the visual feel more directly Alexander McQueen brand's classic style, such as the tongue and so gorgeous with large degree of modification while adjusting the PUMA classic lines fineness runway markings, as well as foam density, so that co-operation models PUMA King x Alexander McQueen in terms of appearance or comfort are addictive. PUMA King by Alexander McQueen Alexander McQueen football boots embodies the brand's craftsmanship and attention to detail, but also in order to highlight the PUMA football boots class products with superior performance and innovation for the characteristics of a long tradition. The combination of the two, and finally the achievements of the successful cooperation between rich history and modern technology the perfect combination. The cross-border co-operation models will not be sold outright to the long-standing support PUMA, football fans will be involved preparations for the 2014 Brazil World Cup favorites.Jordan Air 1 Pinnacle series of the latest color Tan Vachetta is about to debut this week. Shallow brown quality leather shoes body matches the different previous bronze decorative details, less 24K gold sense of luxury, a simple sense, do not know who you are more pro gaze? Shoes will be officially on Saturday, the price of $400. source: gc911Nike Free Inneva Woven 2 new color release 2016-07-14 11:14:35 today Nike again for its leather shoes Free Inneva Woven 2 launched a new color matching, the facilities and very dazzling bright yellow as the keynote throughout the whole. Highly recognizable colors, very suitable for wear in the current season, oh, want to shine on the streets, it is definitely a good choice for you. Unfortunately, there is no information about the shoe sale information, interested friends may wish to continue to pay attention to our follow-up reports. New Balance 247 classic departure 2017-02-21 12:24:16 recently, New Balance 247 Classic will meet with you, the Classic Series in black and gray as the main color, mesh material and Revlite bottom building, breathable, lightweight and cushioning functions are close to perfect, concise and neat shape presents its classic charm. New Balance 247 Classic will be held on March 4th in the designated outlets to sell overseas.

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